IT Cloud Computing

IT Cloud Technology
The requirements for health care providers to maintain security and data loss prevention (DLP) for all medical practice applications, presents challenges with a continual need to modernize hardware and infrastructure and plan for the associated costs.

Remote Application Hosting

Our medical cloud allows you around the clock remote access to your medical practice desktop and applications.  End users have a full desk top experience that can be accessed anytime and anywhere from an existing PC, laptop, iPad or other mobile device.  The medical cloud provides disaster recovery, security and encryption of protected health and practice information and data loss protecting on a cloud that is HIPPA compliant.  eMedical’s private cloud will allow you to budget and predict your financial costs for IT on an on-going basis with zero capital cost for server refreshes, upgrades, and maintenance contracts.

What Makes Tier III Different?
The Tier III design employs a concurrently maintainable infrastructure. This assures that if any one critical data center component is removed through planned maintenance or component failure, service will not be interrupted.
Through the redundancy and concurrent maintainability in infrastructure, Tier III data centers provide the required availability and uptime to meet the service level agreements and uptime to support mission-critical applications and 24x7x365 production environments.